Bridges & milling

We offer a variety of products and services for establishment and restoration of bridges, such as:  

  • Paving with modified asphalt concrete (ABM), which is specially developed for stiff, bearing constructions and therefore suited for bridges.
  • Bitumen joints, which is made with flexible bitumen-based sealant in order to close the gap between the bridge construction, and the asphalt. By doing so, we ensure that the bridge is waterproof. Furthermore, it is used for grids, wells and for restoration of cracks and joints.
  • Casting asphalt (SA) establish a tight, stable and strong pavement and is therefore suited for wearing courses on bridges, sidewalks, parking facilities, etc.
  • Synthetic pavement of epoxy- or acrylic pavement. Generally Synthetic pavement is a very strong, and waterproof pavement, which bind very well to concrete, steel etc.
  • Stone filled joints, which are filled with Tarcomastics mixed with equally sized chippings. These joints are suitable for bridges abutment, where cracking is common. 
  • Fissure sealing where the wearing surface joints have become open, or where there are cracks from earlier digging work.

 Furthermore, we have machinery for any job regarding milling and cutting asphalt, as well as concrete pavement.