Company profile

Munck Asphalt & Civil Engineering is an experienced, trustworthy partner within asphalt production, paving and road construction. Headquartered in Nyborg, our five asphalt mixing plants and one bitumen emulsion plant produce and supply standard and specialised materials throughout Denmark. In addition, we provide the refinement of recycled materials.


Our LKF department is one of Denmark’s leading road-marking and surface-branding companies. The areas of focus at LKF are precise execution, high product quality and professional consultancy. Our projects include everything from lane marking on highways, motorways, etc., to surface branding of schoolyards, playgrounds and other urban spaces big and small.


At Munck Asphalt & Civil Engineering, we are keenly aware of our responsibilities relating to climate and sustainability. Our production processes meet the latest requirements and standards, ensuring that the types of asphalt we mix are always sustainable, resource-efficient and top quality.


At Munck Asphalt & Civil Engineering, we provide consulting services and execution within all our areas for public as well as private-sector customers. Our employees are experienced technical experts with a keen eye for innovative, durable solutions.