Product Engineering

In a modern company, technique, and environment are intertwined. 


In our Product Engineering Department (PED), we work with development of products and methods, in order to offer solutions that comply with the changing requirements for road surfaces. We develop solutions that lowers the resource consumption, as well as the working- and environmental strain.


Our laboratories are specialized in tasks involving development and quality control within our field of work. These include adhesives, stone, gravel, asphalt, consolidation control and test preparation for environment analyses.


Our work with environment and safety is not only aimed at complying with the government requirements. We offer expertise that both benefit our customers, and the society. In the PED we cooperate with suppliers and customers, in order to find environmentally friendly solutions.


In the purchasing function we ensure, that the company has the right materials at hand for the production. The keywords are security of supply, quality, and price. This ensure that we are constantly able to deliver products for our customers’ needs, and satisfaction.